Latest Projects

LEV Services Ltd can offer the full package when it comes to an LEV system, from designing and installing the system to the comissioning and providing the end user with the training for the safe use and periodic checks required of the system.

LEV Services Ltd can provide the following:

  • Supply of LEV systems
  • LEV Installations
  • Designing and supply of extraction systems
  • Modifications to existing systems

Previous Projects

Metal Dust LEV System

Due to the poor condition and lower than required performance of an existing dust extractor LEV Services Ltd were asked to provide an alternative extraction unit but to retain the clients internal duct system. LEV Services Ltd installed this reverse pulse jet cartridge dust extractor with 55KW fan unit resulting in the required increase in performance with enough capacity to add on in the future. The platform was also installed to enable easier access for filter replacement.

Wood Dust Extractor

The design & technology department at a local school was in need of a new wood dust extractor due to their old extraction unit being deemed not fit for purpose. During the initial consultation they wanted the ability to use more woodworking machines than what the previous system could handle. LEV Services Ltd installed one of their tubular sock 2 bin dust extractors along with new improved duct system to meet the schools requirements.

Fume Extraction System

As part of a new improved production layout with the wax room of a foundry LEV Services Ltd were asked to supply and install a system to control the release of wax fume during the assembly of wax patterns on the runner system. A central fan and duct system with receptor hoods were installed on the assembly benches to fulfil the clients requirements.

Animal Feed Industry LEV System

A before and after of a capture hood & duct system being re-designed by LEV Services Ltd to remove the dusts away from the operator during a weighing process. Prior to the re-design dust escaped the hood area into the operators breathing zone and it was awkward to visually see what the operator was doing.  Stainless steel quick release duct system and capture hood was installed to draw the ingredient dust away from the operator and an air flow indicator was fitted for a quick visual reference that the system is in control.

Dust Extractor for Linisher Machines

Due to the extension of manufacturing to a nearby unit LEV Services Ltd were asked to supply and install a dust extraction unit to a variety of foundry machines. Due to the fine dusts and long hours of use a reverse pulse jet cartridge unit was selected.